This is how it works

FitnessGenes interprets your DNA and will help you build muscle, burn fat, and lead a healthier, longer life.

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We analyze your DNA

Order your FitnessGenes DNA test kit. Then, send your saliva sample back to us.

We send you the results

View your results and personalized nutrition and training plans in your members area.

You start working out

Get started with your genetically optimized diet and exercise plan and achieve your goals.

Benefits of membership

Your gene results, workout, and nutrition advice will be updated as the science evolves, so you'll always be at the cutting edge.

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Michelle's weight loss

I'm a busy working mom for two boys, so for me to have a personal trainer is out the question.

Then she tried FitnessGenes

The results I saw were impressive. In a short 8 weeks training on my own with my plan in hand, my waist slimmed down and my abs started to show.

Michelle Rowland

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What others are saying

Want to Lose Weight and Get in Better Shape? Science Says Do 1 Thing First….Fitness trackers are fun, but all that data could go to waste if you don't get the inside scoop on how you're built and what is best for you.
One of 3 companies spearheading precision health innovation.
Knowing what my DNA says about my athletic abilities has been beyond useful. Rather than simply reading training plans or asking others for advice, I have a window into what my body is capable of and where it feels most natural. I still seek out all of my resources, but it’s like I’ve got the inside scoop to what works best for me personally. Quite frankly, it took some of the guesswork out of what I was doing.
The next big thing in sweat tech isn't a wrist gadget. It's in your body
My genetic testing results along with FitnessGenes’ targeted plan actually motivated me to make some changes that proved beneficial.
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Need help choosing a plan?

Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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