The other day, during a run that just felt longer and harder than usual, I cursed my body under my breath. “What’s wrong with you? You’ve got two copies of the ACE endurance allele!” ACE is a gene that’s linked to physical performance, and I knew which variation I had (allele is a science term for different forms of the same gene) because my ...


Ever wonder how marathon runners can carry their bodies for 26 non-stop miles and finish smiling—but you can barely push yourself through one? You might be lacking the ACE I allele or the aerobic and endurance allele. What the what? Allow us to explain.

Yahoo Finance

FitnessGenes Launches DNA-Based Fitness and Nutrition Platform. The first of its kind to offer customized, online fitness programs and nutritional guides based on your genetics.

Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet

In our fitness obsessed world, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to want to latch on to any opportunity to — safely and effectively — optimize your athletic performance. Now a DNA testing company, FitnessGenes, is leading one of the ways to do just that.

About Health

4 Ways Your DNA Profile Could Catapult You Past a Workout Plateau - How Your DNA Can Speed Up Your Fitness Results

ABC News

Man Carries Injured Hiker More Than 2 Miles to Safety - A couple on a New Year's Day hike in Malibu, California, came across a man with an injured leg and ended up helping him get more than two miles to safety.


Hero fitness trainer carries California hiker with broken ankle more than TWO MILES on his back to safety. Dan Reardon was hiking in Escondido Falls in Malibu, California when he ran across a man who had broken his ankle and shattered his fibula.


Scientist disinvited from speaking at conference because of her pregnancy. Researchers expressed outrage on social media, and conference organizer, the European Commission, apologized.

Huffington Post (US)

Moms Rally Around Pregnant Scientist After She's Uninvited From Conference - After a female scientist's invitation to speak at a conference was allegedly revoked due to her pregnancy, a group of women rallied around her with a social media campaign.


Pregnant British scientist is banned from speaking at a conference in Brussels because it would be a 'risk for her health' (even though she was travelling by train)

People.com (US)

Scientist's Invitation to Speak at a Conference Rescinded Because of Her Pregnancy - British geneticist Samantha Decombel, Ph.D., was honored and excited to speak at November's European Commission conference in Brussels – but the Oxford-based scientist never got the chance.

CNN Money

Pregnant scientist booted from conference lineup - You're uninvited because you're pregnant. That's the message that one entrepreneur recently received.


3 DNA Factors That May Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals. Dr Dan Reardon writes exclusively for livestrong.com, and identifies 3 key factors that everyone should know about their own DNA.

BeFit Genetic Training Workout

Featured on BeFit's YouTube channel, FitnessGenes partner Ashley Kaltwasser takes you through a high volume, total-body workout. Together with FitnessGenes, Ashley has just launched the Ashley Kaltwasser Genetic Workout System. Learn more by clicking the image above.


FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon joins 'America's Dream Medical Team' to discuss DNA testing, and whether your genes could be making you fat.

Thrillist Health

What are the health trends to watch out for in 2016? Trillist Health forecasts what will prove popular in the fitness industry this year, and includes the FitnessGenes DNA Analysis as a way to train smarter.


Can your DNA make you fat? A group of UK Doctors seem to think so. On February 1, U.K. doctor Dan Reardon was a guest on the talk show The Doctors in which he claims to have uncovered the secret to helping the obese discover the source of their excess weight.


FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon discusses how your genes can influence your optimal macronutrient intake, and help uncover the right weight loss diet for you.

FitnessGenes™ Launches Scott Herman Genetic Workout System

YouTube Fitness Star’s Muscle-Building Plan Personalized to Your DNA

The Zoe Report: How A DNA Test Helped Me Get In Shape

In an effort to tone up and whip my body into shape, I looked into FitnessGenes, a DNA based workout and diet plan that guarantees real results. The problem is I love food (here, I find out why), workouts don't seem to have a serious effect on me and I have a full-time job. This is what happened when I tried the program.


For years, pro athletes have had an advantage most amateurs could only dream of: highly personalized diet plans and training regimens based on blood work, genetic analysis, and other high-tech diagnostics. What would it be like if the rest of us had easy access to the same kind of data?


"It's really easy to say, 'My genes make it harder for me to lose weight,' when there's certainly nothing visible to the eye to strictly prove or disprove this statement. Until now..."

5-minute muscle building workout for any gene type

5-minute muscle building workout for any gene type. No matter your genetics, this quick routine will add slabs of lean muscle.


How your genes could impact your fitness and health goals. Start living up to your athletic potential by tweaking your training and nutrition to turn your genetic weaknesses into strengths.


I changed up my fitness routine and got great results. But did a genetic test actually help me get healthier—and could it help you?

A Fast, Effective Workout You Can Do Anywhere

These “do anywhere” workouts are a crucial part of my training regimen, and they are always genetically customized to ensure I get the most out of every minute. Fit this workout into your busy schedule and get stronger and leaner on the go!


FitnessGenes – Fitness Genetic Testing Full Review & My Results!


Fitness personality and blogger Shay Kostabi reviews her FitnessGenes results and recommendations. But what small change is already making a world of difference in how she feels and performs throughout the day?


Forget Diet and Exercise — Do You Have the Fit Gene? The next big thing in sweat tech isn't a wrist gadget. It's in your body.


On Trial - Fitness DNA Testing With FitnessGenes. Fitness enthusiast Georgina Spenceley reviews her FitnessGenes results for her Fitcetera blog - a discovers why she is well suited to her early morning CrossFit classes!


Women's Health assistant fitness editor Marissa Gainsburg takes the FitnessGenes test, and learns how her DNA can help her achieve her running goals. (Print only).


Fitness trackers are fun, but all that data could go to waste if you don't get the inside scoop on how you're built and what is best for you.

New York Times Blog

For coffee drinkers, the buzz may be in your genes. Anahad O'Connor unlocks his FitnessGenes results, to help him understand how his CYP1A variation is effecting her daily caffeine boost.


Some people consider coffee the devil’s brew, while others can’t live a day without it. Now, scientific studies on the effects of caffeine on the body help us make sense of why.


The way we react to coffee is all in our genes.

well-plus-good (1)

Why a little bit of belly fat might actually be a good thing.


FitnessGenes was featured in ELLE's November issue in "Test Tubes, Baby!"--- part of a 3-part feature about today's 'Measured Life' discussing new precision medical technology, wearables, fitness trackers, and other diagnostics empowering us with information about our own bodies. FitnessGenes is highlighted on the second and third pages. Thanks to our friends at ELLE for the coverage and great article!


Tatiana Kuzmowycz is ClassPass's Sr. Copywriter. An avid runner, Tatiana likes to challenge herself in class and outdoors, with everything from HIIT classes to hiking. You can find her on the streets of Brooklyn with her dog Duck. In her latest blog, she road tests FitnessGenes recommendations as she begins training for an upcoming marathon.


We are honored to be named as, "One of 3 companies spearheading precision health innovation" in the latest issue of Luxury magazine. Check out this great article on pp 157-158


Shane Starling, Senior Editor of leading B2B media powerhouse Nutraingredients profiles FitnessGenes ahead of the ‘Innovation and Opportunity in Sports Nutrition' Conference in Frankfurt, where our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Samantha Decombel will be presenting "Tailor made – do elite athletes require bespoke nutrition solutions? What can the rest learn? What is on the cutting edge of sports nutrition?" on 28 November

The Ultimate Guide to DIY DNA Testing Kits

Originally featured in Elle (November 2016). April Long trials a number of saliva, blood and bacterial tests - including FitnessGenes - for her 'ultimate guide to DIY DNA testing kits' article. You can read what she learned about herself, and the industry in general, right here.

Live The Process

FitnessGenes co-founder and CEO Dr Dan Reardon recently sat down with Live The Process to discuss his approach to fitness and business. Hear how he stays healthy and balanced, and what happiness looks like to him.

XO Vain

"I find any sort of information based on your genetic makeup fascinating, so when I came across FitnessGenes, I had to try it out".


Ever looking for a performance edge, more athletes are turning to DNA and blood tests to gain insight into their genes and optimize their game-day performance.


"Central obesity increases your risk of diabetes and insulin resistance, heart disease, and endocrine disorders," Dr. Dan Reardon stresses, adding that it's also linked to breast and ovarian cancers.


The company mentioned in the article, FitnessGenes.com was the first website I visited to learn more about the actual product. I read the information on their website and testimonials and decided this was something I wanted to do to learn more about how I can improve my workout and diet based on my DNA.


Fitness has entered the era of lightning-fast scientific discovery via genetics. The U.K.-based company, FitnessGenes, takes the search for optimal fitness results into the lab, analyzing your individual nutritional needs by way of a saliva sample.


In light of recent FitnessGenes research, Jeff Haden focuses on the 'obesity risk' FTO gene to explain why 'generic advice yields generic results'. Read how your FTO result influences how you should structure your nutrition.

IGCT Podcast

FitnessGenes CEO Dr Dan Reardon joins Ron Mckeefery for Chalktalk, as they discuss why coaches should be concerned with genetics, and how DNA testing can play a key role athlete development.


Are you genetically predisposed to develop a thigh gap? Wired from birth to be a sprinter? InStyles's Amy Synnott puts her DNA to the test with a DIY saliva kit.

Yahoo Beauty

Are you genetically predisposed to be Skinny? Read InStyle's Amy Synnott full review of her FitnessGenes test on Yahoo Beauty.

Feel This

Fitness enthusiast and founder of 'Feel This' Kara Griffin takes the FitnessGenes DNA analysis test, and reveals her personal results in her latest blog post.

TSN Podcast

Dr Dan Reardon joins Tony Greco and Steve Warne as they talk talk weight loss, new years resolutions and proper dieting in the latest episode of 'Greco Lean and Fit'.


Beverly Hills-based FitnessGenes is bringing its DNA-driven personalised nutrition concept to sportspeople at all levels. Is the sports world ready for personalised nutrition?

Metro UK

FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit featured in Metro's 'Tech Yourself Fit' article.

The Gay UK

FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit included in The Gay UK's Christmas gift guide.

DW Fitness

FitnessGenes DNA analysis kit included in DW Fitness' list of game-changing tech to look our for in 2017.


Your 2017. Quinoa and coconut water are so last year. We discover the biggest wellbeing trends for the next 12 months...

Top Sante

If you've ever wondered why you can happily jog around the park but get out of breath when you sprint for a bus, perhaps the answer lies in your genes.

My Weekly

Top 10 health trends for 2017. Here's the heads-up so you can start a brand new year as a brand new you!

Mind Body Green

5 Female-Friendly Biohacking Tools To Make You More Healthy, Successful & Productive.

Digital Trends

It’s in the genes: This company uses DNA to craft your ultimate fitness plan.

Paddle Pedal Pace

Can a DNA test improve your fitness? Triathlete and fitness blogger Lucy Edwards shares her FitnessGenes results, and reveals how her personalised recommendations have helped her lose 4.5lbs in just two weeks.


Muscle & Fitness




Cheddar TV

Eat This, Not That!



The Truth Barrel

Well + Good

Is coffee actually good for you?

Student Wire

inc.com (1)

Ala Jode

The Test Pit

Women's Running


As a clinical doctor, Dr. Daniel Reardon was inspired to help people live healthier lives. Now as Founder of Fitness Genes, he's customizing the way people approach fitness and health based on their genes.



A wave of startups promises to optimize diet and fitness through gene-tailored regimens. Does it matter if they don’t really work?

Thrive Global

Thrive Global compile their list of the 'Top 25 Wellness Brands to Watch in 2017', with FitnessGenes coming in at #1.

Muscle & Fitness Hers

5 ways to feel fitter and more vibrant than ever by hacking your daily habits - and your genes (print only).

Factor-Tech reviews FitnessGenes

"FitnessGenes looks like a very useful system, especially if you like to take a structured approach to training" 4* rating

BizWire TV

On the latest BizWireTV, catch the latest products and services jumping off of the Launch Pad (featuring FitnessGenes).


Are DNA-Based Hyper-Personalized Meal Plans Right For You?

London Evening Standard

From do-it-yourself DNA testing to biometric body scans, forensic fitness is the future, says Kate Wills.

BuzzFeed Transformation

I tried a diet & fitness plan based on my DNA & couldn't believe the results! I was surprised because nothing ever worked for me until I found FitnessGenes.


I tried a diet and fitness plan based on my DNA and couldn't believe the results. I think I was so surprised because nothing else has ever worked for me in the past.

SLOAN! The Vitality Issue, July 2017 pp 44-45

The Western world is getting fatter by the day, so what do we do about it? Read Dr Dan's Expert Advice on diets for fat loss, building muscle, and endurance training on pp 44-45

Men's Fitness Summer 2017-The Future is Here p. 22

Men's Fitness Summer ‘17 issue. The Future is Here: FitnessGenes featured among 7 überadvanced products demonstrating the future of health technology


Your DNA Can Hold The Key To The Perfect Training Strategy. Runner Ashley Lauretta reviews her FitnessGenes results.

The Loop

Did you know you can find your ideal fitness plan using your DNA? It makes sense, we just hadn't thought about it before.

Kiwi Trail Runner-July 2017

"Interpreting the results and applying them in the context of my personal experience has proved fascinating: reassuring on many levels, interesting and exciting on others, and I have ideas for further experimentation"

Meg Biram

I think if weight or health issues are something you’ve always struggled with, getting genetically tested could be very interesting for you, and also make you feel better about yourself

Hotwire PR Health-Tech

Why settle for “generic” when you can get “precise?” Why settle for an exercise plan that does not play to your strengths, or for a diet that stuffed you with the incorrect foods?

Functional Sports Nutrition July/Aug 2017

FitnessGenes co-founder Dr. Samantha Decombel discusses the importance of genetics on physical performance with Functional Sports Nutrition magazine

Men's Fitness August 10 2017

Technology: 7 cutting-edge health and fitness gadgets to demolish your goals in 2017. These smart pieces of tech will prime your bedroom, office, and everyday life for healthy living. FitnessGenes is number 6

Sheerluxe: This is expert knowledge at its best

When it comes to diet and exercise, there isn’t a one-sized-fits-all approach – and it’s all down to our DNA. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, find out how best to fuel your body or make the most of your workouts, this is expert knowledge at its best.

Luxury Magazine Fall 2017 pp. 216-217

Suffering from dry hair, brittle nails, or sagging wrinkled skin? Not only your age but your diet may be to blame. New research reveals why indulging in a little more fat may be the secret to slower aging and better looks....as long as it is the right type of fat for your genotype.

Inc.com-Struggling to Lose Weight? Science Proves This Common Marketing Strategy Is a Prime Culprit

The average person consumes over 17,000 extra calories per year, equating to a weight gain of about 5 pounds (2.2kg) per year due to restaurant upselling tactics. It's no wonder the western world is getting fatter by the day.

Livestrong-How Your DNA Can Influence Your Coffee Habit

Americans drink more than 400 million cups of coffee a day and spend $30 billion a year in the process. Caffeine (found in coffee) is the most commonly used drug on the planet, especially among athletes using it to boost their performance. But how much coffee is too much? What’s the best time to consume caffeine? The answer may be in your genes.

Top Sante UK-Oct 2017 Issue

The Secret to Slimming is All in Your Genes: Whether you want to lose a few pounds, tone muscles, or improve general fitness levels, it could help greatly to know how your personal DNA comes into play.

Attitude Magazine, November 2017 issue, p. 135

When you've been working out for years, it's quite common to hit a plateau. You're trying new routines, new classes, or new sports, but you just can't seem to push through and make any significant changes. If this sounds like you, why not take a look at your genetic make-up?

British GQ: 7 best new grooming products in the world

Find yourself a personalised package from Fitness Genes, the first to utilise your DNA to tailor a regime to you. Simply send in a DNA swab and get a personalised meal and fitness plan to best achieve your goals

JWT Intelligence Report determines Dr. Dan Reardon is Super Human!

Fitness is one of those things where if you commit, you’ll get the outcome. And that’s why fitness is so different to everything else. With other things, you can commit every ounce of energy you have and you still might get nowhere, but fitness brings a sense of accomplishment.

WhatProtein: 8 best new health products that dominated 2017

Getting to know your body is a crucial part of knowing how to work out and eat sensibly and safely. So it’s great news that it’s now possible to check your genes to get what might be the best understanding of your own body you’ve ever had! Really cool stuff.

Luxury Magazine-Winter 2017-pp. 215-217

Body Language: Cutting edge tech is making the prospect of a perfect body just a lab test away. The game plan for getting your ultimate body is all there, waiting for you to decode it. Read about FitnessGenes on pp 215-217


Genetics may explain why your friend lost weight and you didn't. This is just the latest in a growing body of research showing how our genes might determine whether we’re slim or constantly struggling to maintain our dress size.

BT.com-Fitness trends 2018

"Unfairly, your genetic makeup might be hindering you from torching the same amount of calories in a gruelling HIIT class as your neighbour...Through DNA testing, fitness fans can get a detailed breakdown of their macro and micronutrient needs, as well as handy hints for tailoring your approach to exercise so that you’re working out in a way that best suits your body. These types of programmes used to be the reserve of top athletes, but now at-home kits like FitnessGenes are bringing the method to the masses"

LIVESTRONG.COM-Could Intermittent Fasting Solve Your Weight-Loss Plateau?

"As with any nutrition plan, success is largely based on if the diet is right for you. Two factors that play into this equation are your metabolism and genetics... the uncoupling genes (aka UCP genes) provide information to decide if you might be someone who would benefit from intermittent fasting."

Train for Her-Can Analyzing Genes Improve Your Fitness

Have you ever wished that instead of following a generic training plan you could have one completely and utterly tailored to you? TRAIN for HER spoke to Dr Dan Reardon to find out more about their pioneering scientific approach to optimal fitness which uses a combination of DNA and relevant lifestyle data to provide you with evidence-based and actionable recommendations on diet and exercise strategies. This means you can personalize training plans so you can reach your goals easier and faster.

Forbes: Genetic Insight Is The Future Of Health And Fitness, And Here's Why

"It's this personalization in the health tech space that will eventually help people realize there’s much more to health tech than a smartwatch telling you what your heart rate is. It’s all well and good measuring your heart rate, but the average smartwatch is comparing your BPM to the average rate of someone your age, sex and height in order to calculate how many calories you’re burning, and so it’s not a truly accurate measurement; it doesn’t take into consideration the state of your personal inner workings". See what else Forbes says about FitnessGenes

Journal of Obesity

A new study published in the Journal of Obesity on March 1 has brought groundbreaking insights into how genetics affects weight gain. Conducted in collaboration with researchers from Loughborough University, FitnessGenes scientists examined the correlation of physical activity and dietary habits with weight gain in men and women who carry different variations of the FTO gene – aka ‘the fat gene' and found that exercise and higher cognitive restraint may negate a genetic predisposition to weight gain, but when people are empowered with genetically-personalized plans they are more likely to follow the guidance and achieve their goals.

Livestrong: 3 DNA Factors That May Be Sabotaging Your Fitness

The differences in peoples’ physical performance is determined by genetics and these genetic differences directly affect exercise capacity, physiological adaptations and nutritional components. Here are three key factors that everyone should know about their own DNA: 1. Carbohydrate Sensitivity; 2. Metabolic Efficiency; 3. Training Frequency


Find out what lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and beauty blogger Lauryn Hock says about her experience with FitnessGenes

Elite Man podcast

Read the article or listen to The Elite Man Podcast, sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company helping health conscious people like runners, cyclists, weightlifters and vegetarians get lower rates on their life insurance.

Podcast: Take Back Your Health!

Two Doctors Dan are better than one! Dr. Dan Reardon speaks with Dr. Dan Margolin about taking back your health and achieving optimal wellness. Listen to this truly insightful podcast and live a longer, healthier life.

New York Muscle Radio

If the following words make your lats twitch with excitement, you should listen to this great podcast: hypertrophy, myostatin mutations, lactic acid clearance, nutrient timing, carb and fat sensitivity, supplements for muscle building and effective recovery strategies.

Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia

This episode of Chasing Glory features our CEO Dr. Dan discussing the health status and fitness goals of host Lilian Garcia and her husband CJ. Get ready to be motivated and amazed by the incredible science and jaw dropping results!

Learn how you can optimize your diet, exercise, and sleep

Jim Harshaw Jr was a Division I All American in wrestling and won three ACC Championships for the University of Virginia, trained at the Olympic Training Center, and competed forTeam USA. Today he meets Dr. Dan Reardon to discuss how genes impact fitness. Jim also shares his complete genetic profile and personalized training and nutrition recommendations.

Financial Times-Gold's Gym and FitnessGenes Revolutionize Personal Training

FitnessGenes and Gold's Gym launch the world’s first personal training programs based on DNA interpretation and expert oversight. Consumers can buy their FitnessGenes test kit in Gold’s, and once FitnessGenes has completed the genetic analysis, both the consumer and their Gold’s Elite Trainer are informed of the results. The trainer then customizes FitnessGenes’ recommendations to account for any injuries, dietary preferences, and other lifestyle data to create the ultimate personalized training and nutrition plan for their clients.

ABC News Channel 7: FitnessGenes testing offered by Gold's Gym

People who work out at Gold's Gym can now have their DNA tested to help them follow best practices for exercise and diet. Watch the Circle of Health interview with Gold's trainers and customers, and our CEO Dr. Dan Reardon

LA Times: Can a DNA test be a motivator?

"Although experts agree that such self-knowledge is generally empowering, even a seemingly discouraging result can be inspiring. In a study that looked at how people responded to news they carried a gene associated with obesity, psychologist Susanne Meisel of King’s College London said they reported a “relief of self-blame” in their difficulties with weight control and used it as extra motivation. “They reframed it as ‘This means I have to work hard because I’m battling my biology. I can’t change my genes. But I can change what I do every day,’” she says."

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