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Your DNA and trait results

Your DNA results, trait results, workout plan and nutrition plan are all hosted in our secure online Member’s Area.

New trait results and accompanying articles are released regularly on our newsfeed known as Truefeed. To log in to the Member’s Area, please visit my.fitnessgenes.com

Like many things in biology, your body’s response to diet, exercise and lifestyle measures is a complex product of both your genes and environmental (or “lifestyle”) factors.

In order to generate a more accurate model of how your body works and to tailor you more precise actions, we use a survey to collect data about these lifestyle factors, including your:

  • current body composition
  • height, weight, waist circumference
  • current levels of physical activity
  • dietary habits
  • allergies
  • sleeping habits
  • history of any relevant medical conditions (e.g. hypertension, diabetes)
  • (if known) relevant blood test results

You are under no obligation to fill in our lifestyle survey, but it does help us provide you with more accurate information.

You can also alter your survey responses at any time, by simply logging in to the Member’s Area and clicking on the Settings menu in the top right-hand corner. Then click “Lifestyle survey” and answer the various sections.

If you still can't see your results immediately after filling in your lifestyle survey, please log out and back in again. This will prompt a full refresh and your results should now appear. Should you encounter any other issues, please contact us via support@fitnessgenes.com.

If you have been notified that your results are available, please first log in to the Member’s Area

If you still can’t see your results, please check that you have logged in using your primary email address. In most cases, this is the email address that you used to register the barcode on your sample collection tube. Your DNA results are always linked to your primary email address. If your results are still not visible, there might be a technical issue that we need to investigate - please contact us via support@fitnessgenes.com and we will be pleased to help.

Nearly all of our clients receive their results before or on the estimated date we provide. If you haven’t received a results email, please first check your spam/ junk mail inbox as our emails are sometimes incorrectly filtered as spam or junk email.

In the unlikely event that your results will not be ready by the estimated date, we will contact you via email. The main two reasons for delayed results are:

1) Your DNA sample needs retesting.

Occasionally one or more of your DNA results may not be obtained on the first analysis. In this case, we immediately retest your saliva/DNA sample free of charge. You will not need to provide a new saliva/DNA sample.

2) Our laboratory were unable to obtain any valid results or a significant number of your DNA results are missing.

In this case, we typically need you to provide a new saliva/DNA sample. We will contact you via email to arrange this.

We currently test for over 1000 different gene variants or SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that are known to affect your physiology and your body’s response to diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle changes. This is called your ‘genetic’ or DNA data’.

As well as testing and analyzing hundreds to thousands of your genes, we also directly report back on 43 of your most important and interesting DNA results.

In addition to analyzing your genes, we also ask you fill out a lifestyle survey to assess basic body stats (such as BMI, waist circumference), levels of physical activity and eating behaviors. This is called your “lifestyle data.”

Using our TrueTrait™ algorithm, we then compile both your genetic and lifestyle data to calculate traits – measurable aspects of your internal biology. Traits tell you how your body works, your genetic predisposition to different fitness related outcomes (e.g. risk of weight gain, propensity for muscle growth), and how your body uniquely responds to different nutrients, workouts, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Examples of traits we’ll calculate for you include:

  • Obesity risk (based on FTO gene variants)
  • Risk of weight gain in response to saturated fat (based on APOA2 gene variants)
  • Mediterranean diet suitability
  • Sodium sensitivity
  • Muscle protein synthesis and ease of muscle gains (based on MTOR gene variants)
  • Alpha-actinin-3 levels and muscle performance (based on ACTN3 gene variants)
  • Muscle mitochondria production (mitochondrial biogenesis)
  • Betaine requirement
  • Fat oxidation and weight loss response to low calorie diets
  • Chronotype (i.e. whether you’re more likely to morning or evening person)
  • Caffeine metabolism and sensitivity
  • Risk of weight gain with poor sleep routine
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Risk
  • IL-6 regulation and susceptibility to chronic inflammation
  • Predicted blood calcium level
  • Predicted testosterone level

Customers can expect to receive new traits on a regular basis as we analyze more of the scientific literature. We have the potential to test your DNA sample for over 600,000 different SNPs, allowing us to create you new and more detailed traits well into the future.

No - we are not a diagnostic service or healthcare provider and therefore do not provide health reports or medical advice.

Our products are designed to help people meet fitness goals and are intended for informational and educational use only. They are not substitutes for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from qualified health practitioners.

It is strongly recommended that you consult a physician or other qualified healthcare provider before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routines.

It typically takes 2 – 3 weeks from when we receive your sample before your results are available.

Occasionally, a sample may need extra testing, which can delay the results by approximately a week. We will email you as soon as your results are ready.

No - we only analyze gene variants related to diet, workout and fitness outcomes.

While some of these gene variants may happen to overlap with ancestry-related genes, we are unable to inform you of your ancestry or ethnic background based on your FitnessGenes DNA results.

If you have already had your ancestry analyzed by 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, iGene or Living DNA, we can use your raw DNA data file from these companies to generate your FitnessGenes DNA results (as well as genetically-tailored workout and nutrition plans).

Traits & truefeed

Traits are measurable aspects of your internal biology – they’re based on both your gene variants (SNPs) and lifestyle data.

For example, your Testosterone Level trait predicts your circulating levels of the hormone testosterone, which affects fitness-related factors such as muscle growth, changes in body composition, and insulin function. This trait is based on several gene variants that affect the production, metabolism and transport of testosterone, as well as lifestyle factors (e.g. your current BMI).

Examples of other traits include:

  • obesity risk (based on several FTO gene variants)
  • seasonal affective disorder risk
  • serotonin synthesis
  • muscle contraction ability
  • your genetic predisposition towards protein synthesis and hypertrophy.

Given that we have the potential to test for over 600,000 gene variants (or SNPs), we can calculate dozens of different traits, with each trait shedding light on how your body works and uniquely responds to diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Insights explain your trait results in more detail. They reveal how your body works, your risk of various health outcomes, and/or how you respond to diet and exercise based on your DNA and lifestyle data.

For example, your 'Fat metabolism (beta-oxidation) trait' has insights about the activity of your enzymes that breakdown fat and how likely you are to burn fat in response to a low calorie diet.

Actions provide you with tailored advice on what to eat, how to exercise, and which supplements to take based on your trait results. If insights teach you how your body works, actions tell you how to best eat, exercise and live in tune with how your body works.

For example, your 'Fat metabolism (beta-oxidation) trait' contains advice on how best to establish a calorie deficit, whether you should choose long-duration, low intensity cardio over high-intensity exercise, and whether or not you should take curcumin supplements (and, if so, how much?). All these actions are tied to your particular trait result - for example, someone whose genes make them unresponsive to low calorie diets will be give different actions on how best to establish a calorie deficit compared to someone who is responsive.

You can save your favorite actions for each trait into your MyActions wallet.

Truefeed is our platform that displays all your trait results.

We regularly release new traits, which you'll find at the top of truefeed. There’s also an accompanying blog post for each trait, which explains all the relevant science.

In addition to new traits, you'll find plenty of related recipes, products and articles on truefeed.

Individual traits are extremely useful for studying single, narrow aspects of how your body works. In reality, however, the human body is very complex and several traits interact with one another. Therefore, in addition to releasing individual traits, we also regularly release "master traits" that take a more holistic approach and compile different traits together.

For example, your Fat Intake master trait compiles three major individual traits: your saturated fat response (based largely on APOA2 gene variants), your risk of high blood triglyceride levels (based on APOA5 gene variants), and your low fat diet response (based on TCF7L2 gene variants). By grouping these individual traits, it's possible to create a master trait that calculates your optimal fat intake.

DNA test results range from the straightforward - a physical characteristic that can be affected by a particular version of one gene, to very complex - a physical characteristic that is affected by many genes, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Whether DNA tests are reliable or not depends on what you are using the results for.  A DNA test to see whether you carry a version of a gene that codes for brown eyes is likely to be accurately linked to whether you have brown eyes or not. However, a company using a DNA test for testosterone levels for example, will need to test several different genes and take other factors into consideration like diet and lifestyle before estimating testosterone levels.

As well as testing your genes, we also use a lifestyle questionnaire to allow these relevant environmental factors to be taken into account when making your personalised recommendations – a very important step in providing you with the most accurate advice.

We also test your DNA sample twice, and compare the results, to further check our accuracy before your gene results are confirmed.

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