Personalised workout plan

Don't rely on guesswork when it comes to the workout strategies that are most effective for you. Reach your goal faster than ever by following a workout plan tailored to your optimal:




Rest and

Work out with your genetics



A Gene for Speed

Are you built for speed and power? Your ACTN3 gene will provide the answer. This gene codes for the production of α-actinin-3, a protein used in fast twitch muscle contraction. With this insight we can identify your optimal training frequency, exercise types and post-workout recovery to maximise your results.



A Gene for Endurance

Perhaps your built to go the distance instead? Then you may carry the version of the ACE gene commonly found in elite endurance athletes. Your ACE result will help us identify your dominant muscle fibre type and set the volume of your workouts to maximise your output per session.



A Gene for Fatigue

Proper recovery between sets and intervals is key to subsequent performance. Your MCT1 gene result will tell you whether you remove lactic acid quickly or slowly during exercise, and how this impacts your recovery time. By unlocking this insight, we can calculate your optimal work and rest periods to ensure you are using every minute of your workout efficiently.

Benefits of your Genetic Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Every day is tailored to you

Follow a fully structured and goal-specific workout plan, tailored to your genetics. Each day is built around you, telling you exactly what you should do in the gym and when you should rest for the best results.

  • Remove the guesswork
  • Improve your recovery
  • Workout efficiently
  • Follow structured workouts

Online support

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Your DNA results

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Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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