Fighting Fatigue: MCT1 and Lactic Acid Clearance

Friday, January 15, 2016. Author Alex Auld

The Role of MCT1

We’ve all felt the effects of lactic acid. Whether you’re battling against it to complete your last few reps, or it’s making your legs feel like lead at the end of a HIIT session, lactic acid is a sure sign of muscle fatigue. 

Lactic Acid is an organic compound, and is formed when the body makes ATP (energy) in the absence of oxygen. This process is called Glycolysis, and is the direct breakdown of glucose to produce energy.

As well as producing muscle fatigue through the production of lactic acid, glycolysis is also relatively inefficient. For each molecule of ATP that glycolysis produces, the oxidative system can produce 18!

However, how quickly you feel this fatigue set in can be influenced by your MCT1 gene result. Here is FitnessGenes Sport Scientist Geraldine Campbell to explain why.

MCT1 and Genetics

“Like many other substances, Lactic Acid is removed from muscle cells by Monocarboxylate Transporters (MCT).

The more MCT that you produce, the quicker lactic acid can be removed from these cells, which will ultimately delay the onset of fatigue.

As the MCT1 gene regulates the amount of MCT you produce, your genotype can determine your lactic acid clearance rate.

Carriers of the AA variation of MCT1 have shown to produce the highest levels of MCT, which gives them an advantage in endurance-based activities where greater fatigue resistance is beneficial. Whilst AT carriers have lower levels than AA carriers, TT carriers have been shown to produce the lowest levels of MCT”.

Your MCT1 Result

So what’s your genetic variation and clearance rate? And how does your individual variation effect your optimal rest periods between sets and workouts? To discover your result and read the rest of the findings on MCT1, login to the members area by clicking here. Also don’t forget to share your result with us over Twitter! (@fitnessgenes).

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