How Ian reduced his body fat by 9% with a 30% increase in calories!

Thursday, March 1, 2018. Author Ian Baynes

Ian Baynes

An avid and competitive multi-distance runner and mountain biker, Ian shares three things he learned from his FitnessGenes DNA analysis.

Rest and Recovery

I take longer to recover from exercise (more than the norm). As a keen runner, training five times a week in a busy period, I’ve learned to build more rest and recovery and sleep time into my plan. That might mean training early morning on Tuesday and then again on a Wednesday evening. A little daytime nap of 20 mins comes in handy too. The extra few hours between sessions makes a massive difference to me.

Time of day training window

I've been fighting my genetics for most of adult life.  Juggling the demands of raising a family with a busy working life, I have always forced myself to wake up early and exercise.  However, my FitnessGenes genetic report says I’m a night owl so as an experiment, I rearranged my day to train between noon and 4pm UK time. I work for several hours in the morning, then take a break to exercise and eat, and pick up work again for a second sitting in the evening when my colleagues come online in California. I feel so much better and am working so much more efficiently now that my body is in tune with its natural rhythm! 

Focus on hitting macros goals

I learned that I have a propensity to overeat because I have genes that make me feel constantly hungry. To combat this, I front load my day with protein, eat five smaller meals a day plus a snack and make a deliberate effort to hit my macro-nutrient goals i.e. the balance of % carbs, fats, and proteins my body needs. As a consequence, my body fat % has reduced 9% in 9 months, yet my calorie intake has increased by 30%!

Ian Baynes is the Chief Revenue Officer at FitnessGenes, responsible for our overall sales and marketing strategy and performance.  In the top photo, he's pictured 2nd from left with members of our sales, marketing, and tech teams and below leading the charge with members of his Kenilworth Runners club in a 10k race

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