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Our most intense program for the experienced and truly dedicated. If you’re already training and ready for the next level, here’s your recipe for a lean physique.

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Your genes as a starting point

Get Lean and get noticed!

Chisel your abs, pump up your arms and chest, define your legs and look amazing! This plan incorporates resistance, cardio, circuit, and HIIT training, increases metabolic rate, accelerates fat loss, builds muscle definition, and improves overall fitness levels. The exercise levels and HIIT workouts progress throughout the plan to get you ripped!

Nutrition for a lean physique

Getting truly lean is the most difficult goal in fitness. EVERYTHING must be on point in your diet, and there's no room for guessing. By understanding how your body metabolizes carbs and fats, we can give you genetically optimized diet that gives you the lean physique you (and others) crave while maintaining balanced hormonal health.

Before and After

Lora’s 12 week workout

I started at 142 lbs and 19% body fat and ended at 134 lbs and 15.5% body fat so I think I did pretty well.

I had double success

I had success with the fat loss program and success again in the fat loss plus.

Lora Davis

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This system includes

DNA test

Your DNA will be analyzed and you'll receive a detailed genetic report.

Workout and nutrition plan

You will receive a Genetically Tailored Workout and Nutrition Plan for your chosen fitness goal.

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Using the FitnessGenes members area to follow your workout and nutrition plan couldn't be easier.

Get Lean
Genetic Workout System

Get ripped. Get lean. Get noticed. Unlock the genetic code to your 6-pack or bikini body with our high intensity, muscle defining, fat shredding system.


DNA Analysis &
8 week plan

Resistance, cardio, circuit & HIIT training shreds fat & builds muscle definition.


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DNA Analysis &
12 week plan

Periodizes functional hypertrophy & metabolic resistance training to get ripped.


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DNA Analysis &
20 week plan

Save big with our special combo offer for the full 20 week diet & exercise plan.


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Use our Plan Advisor to determine which genetically tailored diet and exercise program best fits your needs.

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