Before and After

Michelle's weight loss

I'm a busy working mom for two boys, so for me to have a personal trainer is out the question.

Then she tried FitnessGenes

The results I saw were impressive. In a short 8 weeks training on my own with my plan in hand, my waist slimmed down and my abs started to show.

Michelle Rowland

Before and After

Ashley gets abs in 8 weeks

Since taking the FitnessGenes test and adjusting my training and nutrition accordingly, I’ve managed to get in the best shape of my life.

FitnessGenes gave him knowledge

I now understand how my body works and what I need to do to achieve my goals without any guesswork!

Ashley Pizan

Before and After

Kevin saw great results

I was interested in achieving my fitness goals and improving my kick boxing and MMA training.

Taking it serious

I decided to take things seriously and stick to the FitnessGenes diet and exercise plans, and saw great results.

Kevin Bayliss

Before and After

Josh’s big improvements

My experience with the FitnessGenes Fat Loss plan astounded me. I first bought the DNA kit in January of 2015.

Then I bought a Workout Plan

After mediocre results on my own, I decided to pay for the 8 week plan. I was blown away at how in depth it was.

Josh Lingerfelt

Before and After

Lora’s 12 week workout

I started at 142 lbs and 19% body fat and ended at 134 lbs and 15.5% body fat so I think I did pretty well.

I had double success

I had success with the fat loss program and success again in the fat loss plus.

Lora Davis

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